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The Backup Imperative

You can never have too many backups.

Reason one

55% of data loss is due to hardware failure. 22% of data loss is due to human error. After that you can write you own local situations of fire, flood, civil unrest, accident, zombies; but, in that top immutable 77% is the reason why every computer file, function and application needs to be Backed Up.

Reason two

Most people understand the need for Backup; most people really intend to do their Backup routine – but, most don’t.      Systems which rely on somebody doing something, soon fail. It’s too hard, or too tricky, or too expensive. It can be impossible to always be sure that there is a trained up replacement person for those days of holidays, sickness, business travel.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

For backing up solutions that are already in place:

How easy is it recover a single file? Is your backup just a whole-of-server image? Is recovery fast and dependable? Is there a cost? Is the backup drive that is taken off site at night always returned the next day – even if that person calls in sick?

Unless a Backup is recoverable, it’s not really a Backup.

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Whether it’s for Products, Knowledge, or Opinions, a good web site is essential to business and interaction. A web site is not a brochure to be seen and discarded. We build good web presences that rank well over time.

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