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4th Wall Data Security

4th Wall Data Security has been involved in providing data backing up services since 1993.

Our proto online backup client was introduced to the market, here in Australia, in October 2005; hence, before the term ‘cloud’ had started to mean space, or services based in the internet.

Since then, now over a decade since that beginning, we are proud to be representing Infrascale products in Australia. Presenting to individuals and businesses of all sizes, from SOHO to Enterprise a true solution to the genuine vulnerability that now resides in managing the exponentially increasing amounts of digital data.

Because of the digital shift, businesses have to be able to depend on the integrity and security of their data; since without it, there is no business.

Web Site Development

4th Wall Data Security has been developing web sites with associated newsletter, CRM’s and email functionality for over 8 years. As a small development house we have come to be granted  ‘trusted supplier’ status by our clients. This has meant some natural cross-pollination from our Data Protection business. When it comes to designing or re-designing the public face of those business, they first turn to us for reliability and performance.

Having started for ‘just one’ customer in 2008, this aspect of our company has continued to grow by word of mouth. The privacy that we offer, the insight, as well as the level of skills that our now bigger team brings, has meant that we are now, consequently, delivering quality product to bloggers and businesses alike.

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