4th Wall services revolve around the provision of IT support services to business.

Data Security Backup and Fail-over

Back up all of your data.

Not just your financial package and inventory and CRM database; only about 40% of your valuable business data is in there. Backup EVERY device in your fleet – mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop and server – all through this one service and one account.

If your best salesman leaves your company, don’t also lose all of the desktop files that made him the best. All of the opportunity lists, mailing lists and what-if spreadsheets that haven’t yet made it onto the server; or worse, which could be deleted before the parting of company. More than half of your business’ critical files reside on the edge of the local network.

If you have even one end point device that could be the entry point of a ransom ware attack into your network, then you need the best backup product that you can find.

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streaming data

Read more about issues involved in Backup and how we overcome them all.

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If you have a Dream of how crucial, non-core tasks could be handled reliably by experts working for your business,


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Our Services

Our combination of IT services means that the tasks in these areas which often fall to staff acting outside of their real competencies can be professionally handled at costs well below that of extra dedicated hirings.

Our Data Backup products are provided by the world’s leading provider Infrascale. Support is provided 24/7 online and in Australian business hours here at 4thWall.

Web Site production is all done in house here at 4th Wall with specialised professional staff on hand to produce successful SEO results.

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data backup - local

Ever lost a file? This product protects every version of every file on ALL of your networked or connected devices.

data backup - cloud

Businesses that experience significant data lost, generally go out of business. Backing up your precious data to an offsite location is no longer a luxury nor an optional extra.

cloud failover

In the event of a catastrophic server or systems failure, whether because of a hardware failure of an attack, we can have your computer, or your entire network re-booted in 15 minutes.

reliable fast low cost

If a Backup is not recoverable when you need it, then it’s not really a Backup.

File level retrievals, on demand, for free.

web site production

We understand that your web site is the public face of your business.

We produce web sites on time (quickly) and on budget (economically).

web site maintenance

Here is the unseen enemy of web site success; the waster of hours of time for staff not trained for the task. Price lists, timetables and programmes all change and need timely updating.


Even the best constructed web site will have its search engine ranking fade over time. We guarantee our SEO work will keep your site in the clients’ eyes.

hand off

At your choice, we can hand off total control of your web site, hosting and email accounts; they’re yours, right? We provide agreed training and support for all of our web sites.

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